launching a new year

It’s a New Year so I am trying something new!  Blogging.  Well sort of.   Those that know me know I have several irons in the fire most of the time.  I work from home through my own company, Queen Bee Productions (see other pages of this site). I work regularly as a professional actress and educator for Magical Theatre Company. I advocate for women’s issues both locally and through V-Day. I serve on the board of the Association for Size Diversity and Health and occasionally  write for the Health At Every Size blog. I am a member of the newly formed Size Diversity Task force based in LA.  I am a Health At Every Size® educator for Wellness Works for You.  I am a member of the  women’s organization at my church which keeps me busy. I sell stuff on Ebay and Etsy. I am the fundraising coordinator for Team Paul helping my brother fight pancreatic cancer; my dining room table is usually covered with the latest artistic endeavor and I recently co-authored a play, Aesop, First UU? with a fellow Unitarian Universalist that will be produced this coming year.   So needless to say I needed to add something else to my to do list! 

That is where the ‘sort of’ comes in.  I don’t know that I will blog on any particular schedule, but I do plan on using the space to occasionally share thoughts on what I am passionate about (see above list)  as well as events that pique my interests (and hopefully yours) replacing the e-newsletter I had previously sent out on a monthly basis.  So follow this blog if you want to keep posted.  I will apologize up front for any ads or pop up ad links that may appear.  At the moment I don’t have control over that, but soon!

This space also serves as my website and online resume.  I invite you to explore those pages and see if there is something you would like to work together on!

I plan on writing more about the New Year sometime later this month but for now, let me just say that I always look forward to the beginning of a new year.  It symbolically give us an opportunity to let go of things we don’t need and make room for unknown blessings already on the way.



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