qbp talks and workshops

All talks and workshops are customized to your goals for the presentation or event.

Health At Every Size:  Presentation and discussion on this paradigm for health and making peace with your body. DSC_0060

Fat and Happy: Talk and PowerPoint presentations on living and loving who you are, as you are.

Women’s Wellness:  taking care of and loving the body you are in at any age.        .

Critical Stage: designed to develop critical thinking toward messages received through the media regarding cultural conditioning about body image.

Body Aloud & Proud: Workshops incorporating art and advocacy geared for younger participants and addressing the needs of their growing bodies.DSCF0075

Raise your Voice:  Talks and workshops on the importance of advocacy, incorporating topics such as violence against women, body image, reproductive rights and sexualization of young women through the media.

what do you want to say
We can design a talk or workshop just for you!

What do you want to tell your audience?  Let’s create it!  Often we put together a talk or workshop incorporating many of the ideas you see here.  Perhaps you have seen our talk on  Attack of the Killer Abs! or Fat Goddesses.  We incorporate art and interactive pieces. Inspire your participants–help your audience understand the important role they play in guarranteeing a safer world for women and girls.  Whatever your message, we can help!


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